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Introducing the Ultimate Personal Safety Brilliant Medical Alert app

Necessity is the mother of invention - Aristotle

A loving husband tends to his helpless wife. He looked for a device that would call for assistance if needed.   And when he found nothing satisfactory, , he hired a patent attorney to search for prior art that would automatically summon help.  The attorney reported that the only registered patents covered falls.  So the inventor conceived the BMA and had it developed, not only for his wife, but for millions of seniors, alone or with dependent loved ones.

Pendants require wearers to press a button. What happens, though, if you lie down to watch TV and don’t get up? What if you simply rest your head on the table while seated at the table? Any pendant, which costs $20 to $37 each month, every month, cannot be pushed if the wearer is unconscious.

There are watches that, in the event that you fall, call the fire department. What if you don’t trip? Imagine if, after a night of sleep, you don’t wake up? You and a helpless dependent, if you have one, could be in danger.  The Brilliant Medical Alert App, which is programed by the subscriber for the number of minutes of inactivity selected, then it will summon help. ( Patent Pending ) No button to push. No need to fall.

This is how it functions. The subscriber chooses the monitoring period, such as fifteen to sixty minutes. Subscriber carries a phone case with a smart phone and the Brilliant Medical Alert App on their belt. If women so choose, they can place their smartphones in their back pockets. Nothing happens as long as the wearer is moving around and being active during the monitored time. One to five neighbors, friends, and family members are alerted by voice mail and text message to check on the wearer if they have remained motionless and do not respond to the music alert. Subscriber programs one to five neighbors/family members to be called and texted to both land lines and smart phones.

This is in case first contact is not at home, second is on the telephone, etc. Subscriber determines which reliable neighbors and relatives to call, from one to five in number.

Medical Alert Device Market and Demographics

Today, 60,000,000 Americans are 65 years of age or older. This will grow to 73,000,000 by 2030

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The inventor described the BMA to an Orange County paramedic firefighter. He said, "That's a game-changer!"


Paramedic & Fireman

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A Doctorate clinical psychologist who is retired and has a dependent husband said, "I want to be your first customer!" She will be.


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